CMH 315W Low Frequency Grow Light

CMH 315w Grow light, Plant Light
Low Frequency
High Reflective aluminum
MOQ: 100 pcs
- Built-in level ruler, ensure that the lamps and lanterns stay level when hanging.
- Flat design, more suitable for indoor planting.
- Italy imports 95% high-reflective aluminum.
- The reflector can be replaced easily without removing the bulb. Very suitable for greenhouse lamps maintenance
- Aluminum cast bracket, beautiful and durable.
- The design of the side-opening reflector provides a wider range of light and reduces the temperature of the bulb, thus increasing its service life. (Open only)
- Enclosed reflector design with best lumens and enclosures underneath the lamps)
Style 315w double CMH, Double 315w CMH fixture
Color Silver/Black
Certificate ETL, CE list
Socket PGZ18
Voltage 120v/240v/277V
Reflector material 95% reflective aluminum sheet
Warranty 3 years
Sample Delivery About 3 days
Application Indoor Plant Growth
Product Keywords 315w CMH