Double-ended 1000W Grow Light System

Double-Ended 1000W Light System
MOQ: 100 pcs
- Full Fixture for double-ended 1000W lamps, 
- Come with USB Interface. Its USB interface enables connection with our Digital Lighting Controller.
- No acoustic resonance, more than 8% grow light compared to traditional lamp 
- Light maintenance after 5000hrs > 95% 
- Output adjustable: 500/750/1000/1100Watt
- Customized items available
- Customized color packing box available


1. Dimming knob plus 0-10v port can be connected to the controller to set bulb brightness at will.
2. Built-in level ruler, ensure that the lamps and lanterns stay level when hanging.
3. LED indicator light, there will be light indicates if the bulb is damaged.
4. Flat design, more suitable for indoor planting.
5. Patented double-end lamp holder, safer and easier to use
6. Italy imports 95% high-reflective aluminum.
7. The reflector can be replaced easily without removing the bulb. Very suitable for greenhouse lamps maintenance
8. Aluminum cast bracket, beautiful and durable.
9. The design of the side-opening reflector provides a wider range of light and reduces the temperature of the bulb, thus increasing its service life. (Open only)
10. Enclosed reflector design with best lumens and enclosures underneath the lamps)
Reflector Material: 95% High reflective European aluminum
Brand Name: OEM 
Available Lamps: Both HPS&MH 1000W DE bulbs
Light fixture voltage: 120v/240v/277v/347v/480v
Dimmable output: 600w/750w/1000w/1150w
Reflector Style: Enclosed Style/Open Style/Compatible Style/Adjustable Style
Color: Black and White
Power cord: 8Ft long
Certificate: ETL/CE
Customized: Product customization and packaging customization are available
Guarantee: 3 years for the fixture, 1year for the bulb
Delivery Time:  15-30 days, based on the order quantity
Ballast: Available in 0-10v controllable ballast